Influenced recently by both early Greek philosophy and Jungian concepts, mainly individuation, my creative path evolves with newfound awareness and curiosity. My minimalist work continues, and with the introduction of spheres and circles, considerations of ego and soul, male and female are more prevalent. The relationship of things (shapes), color, and light and dark, has always been a constant in my life and work, my eyes and brain picking up countless information throughout my waking hours. The process of creating a composition with said considerations and communicating such with clarity is always a complex challenge - when that balance is achieved, a most rewarding experience.

Alongside this geometric work I have dived back into landscapes/seascapes as my love of being in nature expands both in and out of the studio. Geometry has always been present in my landscapes, and with interest in more minimal and psychological concepts the focus on shapes and their relationships as I envision these places is more evident. A playful side also emerges in these scapes as I conjure memories and desires from my earlier years and create spaces that are hopeful in the present.









Ralston Fox Smith grew up in New Hampshire and attended Amherst College where he earned a B.F.A. He continued his art studies years later at the Santa Monica College of Design, Art and Architecture, studying under abstract artist Laddie John Dill, contemporary artist and educator Lisa Adams, and Beat Generation artist George Herms. Their collaborative teaching and eccentric school atmosphere established the foundation from which Fox truly began exploring his creative vision. He is inspired by and presently lives in Asheville, North Carolina.